The Steel Framing Alliance, formerly the North American Steel Framing Alliance, launched its new brand and positioning at the International Builders' Show in Atlanta, this February. Incubated three years ago as part of the initiative by the steel industry to widen usage of steel in homebuilding,

NASFA's mandate was to enable and encourage the widespread, practical and economic use of-and preference for- steel framing in residential construction. With a small base of members representing the steel industry and operating similar to a product development group, NASFA made significant strides affecting building code changes and standards, developing tools and facilitating several product innovations.

The new SFA is now poised to shift its direction-from development to implementation. To implement these advancements and affect change on a local level, the SFA is engaging everyone involved in, or affected by, the building industry. Operating as a trade association, the Alliance is expanding its member and knowledge base. This is expected to magnetize a diverse group that represents a vertical cross-section of both the steel and construction industries.

"With more participation from the entire market," said Tim Waite, president of Alliance, "we will gain valuable expertise, facilitate a more inclusive approach to bringing steel technology to homebuilding and provide more business and networking opportunities for our members."