Read about products from CertainTeed Gypsum, Fulcrum Composites Inc., Phillips Manufacturing and more.

Water-activated cornerbead

CertainTeed Gypsum

AquaBead cornerbead uses a water-activated pre-applied adhesive. The product can be quickly installed without the hammering and fasteners of conventional metal or plastic cornerbeads. The finishing characteristic of this product is also strong with its pre-coated paper face and its engineered corner detail. The shape of the bead allows for superior finishing and same-day coating of the corner.

Curved corner baseboard

Fulcrum Composites Inc.

The Curve was created to simplify trim work on curved corners. The product is offered in pre-shaped, laminated wood corner trim sections. The trim is 5/8 inch thick with an internal radius to match the panels and a rounded top. One can specify the height from 2- to 12-inches. The product can be installed with baseboard adhesive, prime and paint. The product offers less work than using traditional square corners because there are no miters to cut. For a seamless match, the company can supply the trim as blanks to rout to the exact baseboard profile.

L-trim archway bead

Phillips Manufacturing

The GripStik Max-Flex L-Trim archway is designed for maximum flexibility, conforming to almost any radius. This product features “Y” shaped slits on the notched flange for superior flexibility without kinking. The entire product is specially textured to enhance paint and mud adhesion. This product works to provide a clean edge at door, window, ceiling and other terminations. The bead is available in 1/2- and 5/8-inch sizes. The GripStik vinyl products are also available for interior veneer applications.

Multi-optional drywall carts


The company’s expanded line of Pro-Lite professional drywall carts is now available in 16 different models. The carts come in varying widths (20, 24 and 28 inch), made in steel or “EZ-Glide” decks, has three bumper styles, and are equipped with high-performance swivel casters for enhanced maneuverability over all types of surfaces.

Sanding tool

Full Circle International Inc.

The new Radius 360 Adapter Tool features the same control and finish as the original model but with more options. Simply detach the center hub to switch out the adapter that works best for one’s sanding application. There are three adapters to choose from: the Pro-handle adapter for up-close detail sanding; Trigon 180 adapter with a unique replaceable pad featuring a protective bumper and foam pad all-in-one, and; a round Radius 360 adapter, which provides the same finish quality and control the Radius 360 is known for.

Drywall repair tool

Template LLC

The Drywall Repair Tool is a flexible plastic template with a random knockdown pattern that enables the user to replicate the knockdown texture on the rest of the wall after a drywall repair has been made. The process is clean and fast because there is no overspray and no need to tape off the area to protect the surrounding surfaces. The benefit to drywall professionals is that they can make multiple repairs more quickly after contractors have completed their work. The tool can be re-used on multiple projects, making it extremely cost-effective for those who perform frequent drywall repairs.

Drywall board-milling machine

Magacon Technologies

The Magaform 3000 is a transportable digital board-milling machine capable of milling gypsum, cement board, wood products and aluminum. Beyond its advanced cutting and shaping capabilities, the machine’s milling features are combined with a proprietary adhesive process. Together, the system allows a contractor to form and shape a variety of panel materials into layered, dimensional shapes including beveled edges, corners, even radiuses to form perfectly rounded columns. The machine cuts a clean edge through panels, then layer paper-faced boards back upon themselves, adhering multiple layers. The precision-engineered cuts align to form highly finished edges without the need for taping, mudding or other labor-intensive processes. The machine is distributed by Grabber Construction Products.

Paper-faced plastic corner bead

USG Corp.

Sheetrock paper-faced plastic bead is made with a strong paper tape laminated to a durable composite plastic that creates crack- and chip-resistant corners. The product is rust-proof and is backed by a limited lifetime 30-year warranty. The highly engineered paper tape ensures excellent adhesion of joint compound, textures and paints for a strong, smooth finish for flawless corners. No screws, nails or other fasteners are required with the tape-on styles, making installation and precision corner alignment efficient while eliminating nail pops. The durable plastic also provides greater impact and abuse resistance, helping to reduce damage during transit and at the job site. The plastic bead is also 25 percent lighter than metal bead, making it easier to handle and more flexible to maneuver, especially in tight places like hallways and stairwells. Its light weight makes it easier to transport and helps save freight costs.