The GTS1031 10-inch portable job site table saw’s improved design helps professionals better manage doorways, climb steps and maneuver other tight locations without causing damage to finished work. Another feature of the base is its ability to provide complete under-table storage for all tool attachments, including rip fence, miter gauge, blade-change wrenches, push stick and Smart Guard components. The saw features SquareLock Rip Fence technology for accurate performance. The fence smoothly slides left or right along the measuring scale. When locked, the system self-squares the fence to the table top, applying force at both the front and back rails to ensure consistent precise cuts. The GTS1031 packs a powerful punch to handle a full array of applications. The saw rips up to 18-inch widths and can support up to an 8-inch diameter, 1/2-inch dado stack. The all-steel durable base incorporates a nearly indestructible lightweight design and rubber feet give it maximum stability when in use.