CSI’s Compliant Document Review Program establishes that the product guide specifications bearing the Compliant Document Review Program logo are presented professionally and formatted in a standard and accepted fashion, lightening the workload for busy designers. Only guide specifications that adhere to the principles set forth in CSI’s published formats, best practices, and guidelines obtain this stamp of approval.

CSI’s reviewers will determine if guide specifications are organized and structured correctly, and if they properly apply CSI’s standards and formats. If they do, you’ll be able to add the Compliant Document Review Program logo to your guide specifications, and show designers that the information you’re offering them will save them time and effort.

What CSI cannot do is verify the technical merits of your product. The CSI Compliant Document Review Program is not an evaluation of the technical merits, correctness of the material submitted, or the appropriateness of the work result being specified in a project.

For questions, emailCDR@csinet.org.