Super Stud Building Products Inc. unveiled new licensing partner Comex-Lafarge, S.A. de C.V, based in Mexico.

Comex-Lafarge will become the first international licensees of The Edge Steel Framing System, which will be manufactured in Mexico.

“We have been looking for a prominent and quality partner for international expansion for some time,” said Ray Frobosilo, CEO and founder of Super Stud Building Products. “Comex-Lafarge is one of the most highly regarded companies in the construction industry, with access to over 3,500 Comex stores. We couldn’t have asked for better licensees.”

The ASTM-compliant EQ drywall framing system was introduced in early 2010. It is the only steel stud on the market to feature a triangular lip. The lip prevents framers from injuring themselves because it eliminates 90-percent of sharp edges and creates a stronger flange.

For more information about distribution and the availability of these products in Mexico,