The Electric Mini-Pump is light-weight and powered with standard 110V AC. The unit is easily portable and has a slim compact design for fitting into tight spaces. The 1-inch mini-pump includes many options, such as a remote control, air compressor, air and material lines and a 12-inch texture or fireproofing pole gun. Everything is mounted on a very portable hand dolly with a front locking swivel.

This product is capable of spraying (plaster and cement), fireproofing, cement water proofers, and light body materials such as knock down textures (popcorn ceilings). The Manual Mini-Pump is easily operated with a hand crank. This pump is extremely valuable for DIY projects.

The manual product is capable of 2+ GPM. It is used to fill voids in hard to reach places, for example door bucks and other grouting applications. In addition, the pump is an excellent dispenser for light bodied, small aggregated materials such as epoxy, plaster, cement, etc.