For those that are involved with a project that resulted in knocking off fireproofing material, the company has developed a new fireproofing patch product, called Universal Fireproofing Patch.  Specially formulated for the patch and repair of existing fireproofing, the product is an SFRM.  Enhanced properties include additives to promote adhesion, pot life, workability and compatibility. The product has passed both ASTM E 84 and ASTM E 119 (and UL 263) for a 2 hour rating and is currently UL certified.

The patch has been tested against fiber and cementitious SFRMs; light density and medium density SFRMs; with no observable cracking or delamination. The product comes in a ready to use (just add water), 25-pound container that, by following a few simple instructions, the end user can repair a damaged area up to 3 SF per patch. For more information please visit our web site at