With the introduction of Ecophon Advantage, CertainTeed Ceilings is revolutionizing the ceilings marketplace by making best-in-class, sound absorbing fiberglass an affordable option for virtually any project.

Expanding the company’s line of Ecophon sound absorbers—long recognized by building professionals as some of the best ceiling and wall products in the world—now makes specifying and installing best-in-class fiberglass ceilings a viable choice in a wide variety of settings.

Made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured at CertainTeed’s state-of-the-art facility in Plymouth, Wis., the product offers a cost-effective solution for bringing outstanding acoustics and environmental performance to a larger list of projects. Schools, offices and other public buildings can now add the sound absorbing performance of fiberglass in high square footage applications such as classrooms and open-plan offices to basic mineral fiber ceilings and stay within budget. Because the product is manufactured domestically, projects are serviced quickly.

“Traditionally, Ecophon has been associated with boutique or high-end projects,” said Christine Fonock-Smith, product manager for CertainTeed Ceilings. “Ecophon Advantage opens up a new universe of possibilities by allowing building professionals to install thousands of square feet of the very best fiberglass on the market, while staying within budget.”

World-Class Fiberglass

Pleasing to the eye, the ear and the mind, the products are engineered to create acoustical environments that enhance occupant well-being. Studies demonstrate that lower noise levels in hospitals improve healing, enhance the learning process and increase office worker productivity.

Ecophon Advantage ceilings assist specifiers in achieving client acoustical and durability goals. As a Class A sound absorber, the product maximizes acoustics in areas where speech clarity is important. The product also features the crisp edge detail that characterizes all Ecophon ceilings. More flexible and forgiving edges mean less damage from handling during and post-installation. 

Environmentally Sound

CertainTeed Ceilings’ focused on Environmental Acoustics Design means that the new product is uniquely designed to meld style, acoustical performance and sustainability. Interiors installed with Ecophon Advantage are intended to help people thrive.

The product utilizes CertainTeed’s proprietary 3RD Technology, which consists of more than 70 percent recycled glass, a plant-based binder that is VOC-compliant and helps to maintain high indoor air quality. The water-based paint is also free of any harmful additives. The use of renewable energy during its manufacture and the 100 percent recycled Ecophon Advantage, contributes to today’s sustainable building standards.

For more information, visit http://www.certainteed.com/ceilings.