Building owners and managers often struggle with determining when and how often to perform exterior property inspections. An essential part of sustaining an attractive property and minimizing risk, inspections conducted at the right frequency and schedule are an important element for a property’s overall success.

“Every property will be different,” says Teddy Williams, Content Marketing Manager at Western Specialty Contractors. “But no matter the building’s use, there are three things to consider when determining when and how often to do exterior inspections — the property type, use, and location; the property’s overall condition; and staff availability.”


Property Type

The type, use, and location of a property play a significant role in determining inspection frequency. For example, a Class-A office building will require more inspections than a warehouse property. Property managers or building owners should think about variables including the building’s size, traffic, vacancy, visibility and the neighborhood in which it is located.


Overall Condition

The second consideration is what kind of shape the property is in right now. It’s important to factor in the age of the building, its maintenance history, and the deterioration rate of building components when determining an inspection schedule.


Staff Availability

A property’s on-site maintenance staff and the size of the portfolio managed by the building owner or manager will naturally influence inspection schedules and frequency.

After evaluating all the factors, a schedule and frequency can be determined for all of the major components. Monthly, quarterly or annual inspections might be appropriate frequencies depending on the property type, and schedules can be determined based on times when they will have less of an impact on tenants’ businesses.

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