This OPM provides a revolutionary tested and approved seismic bracing option for part height partition walls allowing braces to have 8ft centers in most conditions A through D.

Most wall types will only require a single steel deflection slip track that does not require the studs to be screwed to the head track. Bracelok only infrequently needs to use slotted deflection track for heavier walls, with no need for complicated nested tracks at all!

By reducing service clashes, Bracelok liberates the plenum, and ensures consistent seismic bracing performance – with no more on-site fabrication of kickers!

The Bracelok solution has been extensively tested, including in real world seismic events, experiencing ZERO failures.

During seismic events, loading from partition walls can compromise ceiling designs. Bracelok reduces this risk by securing part height partition walls to structure over, providing true separation from the ceiling system.

Access the Bracelok OPM for all installation details, including the top connection details which cover steel, concrete and timber structures.

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