This Buzz Guide is updated every few months to reflect the current 2022 products.

The May Buzz Guide features products from a variety of brands in the construction industry, including selections from the following:

ArmourToneAdvanced Drywall Finishing Solutions

Now manufactured in San Antonio, TX by Façade Xi. Available in many more markets with shorter lead times. The most advanced drywall finishing products in decades. Abuse resistant, cost effective, acrylic finishes. Including Armourfill high build, spray applied, level 5 surfacer. Reduce sanding and silica dust with ArmourJoint acrylic joint compound.

Casing Bead w/Moisture Seal

Plastic Components' Ultra Casing Bead eliminates steps in the building process. Its built-in RED SEAL improves water management in stucco and stone veneer application. And makes inspections easier. Available in four colors, this easy to handle, UV rated casing bead keeps moisture out and delivers consistent spacing around window/door frames.

Products for Multi-Family Projects

Telling’s premium steel framing offers a strong, accurate, dimensionally stable, and durable framing system that is ideal for multi-family and residential construction. Metal framing is resistant to FIRE, WATER AND PEST DAMAGE and is highly recyclable making it a great alternative to traditional wood framing.

 Switch to the Smarter Stick

Create perfect corners quickly and consistently. Introducing CertainTeed LEVELLINE® Outside 90 pre-cut drywall corner sticks. Forget sharp metal edges: the lightweight, impact-resistant polymer core won’t crack, dent, or rust. This more durable solution helps reduce callbacks, saving you time and money. Always make the smarter choice: installer-friendly LEVELLINE corner bead.

VaprosheildProtecting Mass Timber

Mass timber projects can be susceptible to mold, cracks, and potential structural damage when a moisture protection strategy is not implemented. Builders can avoid costly damage by using SlopeShield Plus SA— a fully self-adhered high drying capacity sheet membrane—to simultaneously protect and dry the mass timber structure.

 Increase Jobsite Productivity

SENCO’s DURASPIN line of collated screwdrivers and attachments increase jobsite productivity, cutting drywall and metal framing installation time by 30%. With 130 different collated screws and 15 tool models, including integrated screwdrivers and attachments compatible with other popular brand screwdrivers, SENCO has the screw system to handle any job. > LEARN MORE

 How to Install Fast Edge® Like a Pro

Fast Edge® Paper is the fastest-selling corner bead in Trim-Tex history. Why? It installs faster than any other bead, using the least amount of mud. In this video, PRC Taping shows you how to install paper-covered corner bead like a pro!