This Buzz Guide is updated every few months to reflect the current products.

The May Buzz Guide features products from a variety of brands in the construction industry, including selections from the following:

Casing Bead w/ Moisture Seal

Plastic Components, Inc.

Plastic Components' Ultra Casing Bead, with built-in red sealing gasket, improves water management in stucco and stone veneer applications. It reduces labor steps. And makes inspections easier.

This labor-saving, UV rated casing bead in 4 colors, stops moisture intrusion, delivers consistent spacing around window/door frames – and eliminates painting in stone veneer.


Residential Expansion Beads?


Movement in drywall causes cracks (or worse!) in all kinds of structures. Installing expansion beads can prevent many of them — even in single-family homes! From spaces with open floor plans to stairways, here's where you might want to install expansions in residential construction.


RevealShield SA: Ultimate UV Defense


RevealShield SA, a patented air barrier and vapor permeable water resistive membrane, offers unparalleled durability against UV exposure for modern open joint cladding systems. With zero flame spread and exceptional cone calorimeter results, it is one of the few membranes compliant with current IBC Code, Chapter 1402.5 Exterior Wall NFPA 285 exemptions.