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    Building for Fire Resistance

    The average passerby likely doesn’t size up a building for its durability. Instead, they look at a structure’s height, function, design and beauty. But in many places, such as southern California, a building’s durability is very often top of mind, particularly in relation to fire.
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    PODCAST: Are Mask Mandates Illegal?

    Time for some straight talk on the law when it comes to mandates, PPE respiratory protection standards and how companies can protect themselves. 
  • Gen Z Construction Worker

    Industry Trends Shaping Ownership Transitions

    Handing over an organization’s reins to the next generation and transitioning ownership are never easy processes. For optimal results, the ownership transfer and management succession approach starts with identifying, selecting and developing key associates; ensuring that leadership roles are occupied by skilled, engaged individuals; and then cultivating them for success in their new roles.
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