Black mold solution by Sealmark Corp.

Protect Coating is a safe, water-based polymer blend that will waterproof and prevent the growth of mold on a variety of building materials. The coating has been tested as per the ASTM Standard D 3273-94. It is a proprietary blend of high-performance water-based resins, and a mixture of select biocides that will penetrate and seal the cellulose substrate it is applied to. Although the coating is designed to penetrate the substrate, it will also leave a tough, flexible, extremely water-resistant film on the substrate surface that is counteractive to the growth of mold and mildew. The surface film will stop the biocides from leaching out of the substrate and will prevent the treated material from absorbing water. The coating can be applied to drywall, plywood, OSB sheathing, framing lumber, composite board, wood trim, wood window frames, ceiling tiles and more.