Nick introduces a new department in the magazine.

AlthoughWalls & Ceilingshas always contained strong editorial for contractors, I want to let readers know that we want to improve our focus even further on practical information for contractors in the issues to come. While a large-scale behemoth of an application story makes for good reading, mostW&Creaders are smaller contractors and subcontractors, with fewer than 10 employees. How to manage a more modest business with more modest business challenges is a subject area that could always use more attention in these pages.

One new department we are introducing is called, "Bench Test." This monthly column will be written by a continually changing roster of contractors, testing out products and equipment in the field, and giving their professional evaluation of the experience. Needless to say, we will not be featuring anything negative in this department, but rather, give readers a chance to get a little more "hands-on" information regarding products and equipment you may already use or have been wondering about.

In this month's Bench Test, well-known W&C writer, Myron Ferguson, tests out bullnose cornerbead with happy results. I think this article illustrates well a product that all types of contractors can utilize to their advantage, providing them not only with one more option to offer customers regarding finished appearance, but also an opportunity to flex the more artistic muscles we all know reside in the mind of all artisans! Today, bull-nose cornerbead; tomorrow, ornamental molding and so on.

Deep down, this is a publication for business owners. This means not just providing how-to information in a vacuum but how-to information that is better for business. W&C's mission is to help its readers succeed in business by offering superior information. By providing the best how-to information we can, we hope to not only enlighten readers as to how things are done but inspire the reader to expand or elaborate on the services he or she can offer.

As always, we welcome your letters and ideas for editorial. We always have plenty to write about but we also love when a reader requests--or even offers--a story on something we may not have thought of.

Having said that, the Bench Test is an open invitation to any contractor wishing to write about a positive experience with a tool, piece of equipment or system that worked to the satisfaction of the contractor and the customer. Don't be shy! After all, this is a magazine for the contractor ... no reason it can't be by the contractor as well.