The DW7187 adjustable miter saw laser system was designed exclusively for use on the newly launched line of the 12-inch compound miter saws and 12-inch sliding compound miter saw, available in three models (DW715, DW716, DW718). The DW7187 was designed as an integral component of the saw that mounts on the upper arm, allowing the laser line to be visible on the top and face of materials. The laser is not obstructed by taller materials placed against the fence and is visible throughout the entire cut. This adjustable laser allows the line to be positioned to the left or right of the contact point of the blade. Unlike other miter saw lasers, the saw powers the DW7187, so it needs no batteries. The independent on/off switch is attached to the saw and allows the laser line to be visible on the material with or without the blade spinning. A protective housing surrounding the laser helps to ensure durability on the job site. It is also designed with a bright laser diode, delivering maximum visibility whether cutting inside or outside.