Weather Shield Mfg. Inc.

The new Zo-e-shield glazing systems feature exclusive Real Warm Edge Spacer Systems, EasyCare coating, multiple layers of silver coating and inert gas-filled airspaces. Real Warm Edge Spacers, made from flexible, low-conductive, durable materials, create an effective insulating barrier against heat flow, sound and condensation. EasyCare coating is an invisible, permanent coating that resists dirt and causes water to “sheet off’ rather than “cling” to the glass. Water spots are reduced and glass cleaning is made easier. In combination, these features provide unparalleled performance. Zo-e-shield is available in three performance levels: Zo-e-shield 5, 6 and 7. Each of the three systems yields lower U-values and solar heat gain coefficients and provides protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. A lower U-value signifies a more energy efficient unit; the lower the solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat transmitted through the unit. UV-B radiation can provide up to 65 percent visible light transmittance without compromising energy efficiency.