The BSZ 18 Cordless Drill/Driver is ideal for a wide variety of construction and industrial work including drilling, tapping and driving screws. With a lithium-ion battery, the tool is lighter and can run longer than with traditional batteries. The 18-volt tool weighs less than 5 pounds with the battery. In addition, the batteries offer a longer overall "in service" life because it utilizes the company's patented air-cooled battery charging system. The system cools both the battery and the charger, keeping the battery at the optimum charging temperature, which results in 30 percent faster charging and an increased service life of up to 1,500 charges. The drill/driver offers 20 torque settings and a drill setting, with forward and reverse modes. It can drill up to 1/2-inch holes in mild steel and up to 13⁄16-inch holes in soft wood, and the onboard Variospeed electronics allow infinite no-load speeds up to 1,450 rpm.