Blown-in wall system - OWENS CORNING

ProPink Complete Blown-in Wall System is designed for all enclosed cavities-including walls and ceilings. This product will not settle, rot or decay, enabling a consistent R-value from the moment it’s installed. The insulation fits the form of any cavity, providing complete compression- and gap-free coverage. Offering R-values up to R-15 in 2x4 construction and R-23 in 2x6 construction, the system includes the company’s loosefill insulation, non-woven fabric, application instructions and technical support. Because the product is a dry system, it does not use water or adhesives; therefore it does not add moisture to the wall or ceiling cavity. The fabric is used to hold the loosefill in place.

Scaffold mover - CRAWLER PRODUCTS, LLC

The CRAWLER attaches easily and powerfully moves any “Baker Style” or fold-up scaffold, when a cordless drill is inserted. The Crawler is compatible with most popular cordless drill brands. Seven years of development and job site testing has proven the Crawler to be the best, safest and most economical way to move a scaffold....period!

Replica stone covering -WEATHERED STONE

Weathered Stone is a handmade stone and leather replica covering that is only 1/32nd of an inch thick and can be adhered to practically any solid, interior space. Weathered Stone is produced on a canvas backing; the texture is primarily plaster and has 15 percent additives for strength and durability. The product is then cut, cracked, and colored by hand. The product is manufactured in pre-cut sizes, and can easily be cut down to any size or shape. It becomes pliable during the installation process, and dries after applied to a solid surface. The result is a sheet of stone that can be molded, bent and shaped around any interior surface. Its specially formulated grout is non-caustic, and can be used to easily repair any scratches or nicks in the product.

Fire-resistant insulation - THERMAFIBER

Perimeter fire containment systems designed with Firespan mineral wool insulation blankets provide fire resistance, thereby maximizing life safety in structures subject to fire outbreak from any number of unsuspected sources, such as a terrorist attack, arson or simply a careless smoker. The blankets withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees F for more than four hours. The company’s other mineral wool insulation products offer similar fire resistance laterally, when incorporated in partition walls.


The company’s panels are 60 percent more energy efficient than those built with traditional wood or metal stud framing. The energy efficient, green-building panels can reduce, by one-third, a building’s heating and air conditioning requirements. The panels can qualify building teams for LEED Green Building Rating System points, compliance with ASHRAE 90.1, 90.2, and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The entire thickness of a panel is CFC-free and HCFC-free EPS foam that has been specially formulated to be non-toxic, and resistant to fire and insects. The panels come in virtually any height specified and are offered in standard thicknesses from 3½ inches (R-14) to 11¼ inches (R-45), with custom sizes available.

Wood ceiling tiles - ILLBRUCK ACOUSTIC INC

The new line of wood ceiling tiles called Bioline is environmentally friendly, made from renewable, recycled material. The tiles are available in solid-finish (with or without a perforated pattern) and in organic-texture. The solid-finish tiles are available in cherry, beech and maple real wood veneers and composed of 70-percent recycled, post-industrial material. They are Class 1 fire-rated and offered in a variety of perforations and custom cutouts. The organic-texture tiles are available in light, medium, dark and custom wood shades and composed of 80-percent recycled, post-industrial material (by weight). All Bioline tiles fit conventional grid systems and feature urea-formaldehyde-free core; certified green, UV-cured, waterborne-finish with UV blockers for color stability; excellent impact resistance; and rigid, durable material that tolerates a broad range of job site environmental conditions.

Acoustical insulation - CERTAINTEED

CertaPro AcoustaTherm Batts are designed to enhance acoustical and thermal performance in exterior and interior walls, and improve sound transmission loss over suspended ceilings. The product improves acoustical properties in partition or exterior walls contributing to a quieter interior environment. It also provides excellent thermal performance, thus saving energy. The lightweight product is easy to cut, install and will not settle or sag. The product resists bacteria, fungal growth and will not rot or deteriorate.

Glass fiber lath - BASF

PermaLath 1000 is a self-furring glass fiber alternative to metal lath for 1/2-inch to 7/8-inch stucco or stone veneer. It offers several advantages over metal lath: rust-proof; pliability with no sharp edges, easy and safe handling; and can be cut with scissors or utility knives. Its weave pattern allows for vertical or horizontal application and it fastens with traditional methods. It can be applied directly over code compliant building paper or polymeric weather resistive barriers such as Tyvek StuccoWrap. Each roll measures 487 square feet yet weighs a very manageable 31 lbs. and replaces the equivalent of 2.7 bundles of metal lath.

Floor taping machine - TAPE JET

The Tape Jet floor paper masking machine allows for masking the seams of floor paper by walking behind the machine, eliminating the need to be on your hands and knees as well as saving time and your back. The Tape Jet is designed to accommodate a standard-size 60-yard roll of 1½-inch tape. The trigger-activated cutter allows the user to walk along the paper and cut exactly where needed. Replacement blades are also available. With its all-aluminum construction, the machine weighs about 5 pounds, and its length of 35 inches from floor to handle tip makes the Tape Jet comfortable for nearly all users.

Water-activated joint tape - GRABBER

Wet-N-Stick wallboard joint tape needs no compound to imbed tape, saving time and money. The patent-pending technology combines a specially formulated adhesive activated by simple tap water with the highest quality drywall paper. Without the usual initial coat of compound, this joint tape with its perforations dries quickly; in most climates the bed coat can be applied the same day. The adhesive formula contains mold and mildew inhibitors to prevent bacteria growth at the joint. Its benefits include easy application; better finish with smoother edge; finishing more in less time; it will not delaminate; creates an airtight bond and; saves you money.

Environmentally friendly ceiling tile - EMPIRE WEST INC.

Ceilume is a drop-ceiling tile that meets the Greenguard Environmental Institute’s indoor air quality standards for low-emitting materials. The product’s feather-light vinyl construction and nesting design uses 75 percent less raw material than conventional tiles, is five times more efficient to ship, and is 100-percent curbside recyclable. They have 57 styles to choose from, with tiles available in both 24-inch-by-24-inch and 24-inch-by-48-inch size. The ceiling tiles are available in white, black and translucent. These tiles can be used under sprinklers and with recessed lighting. They are stain resistant, water-resistant and dust free.

Self-retracting lifeline - CAPITAL SAFETY

The Protecta AD230AG is a self-retracting lifeline that incorporates 100 feet of 3/16-inch galvanized cable for vertical mobility. With its high-performance polyamide housing, the device is lightweight and compact at 27 pounds. For added durability, corrosion resistance and extended life, all internal components are zinc coated. It has a two pawl braking system that uses the principles of centrifugal force to arrest a fall within 2 feet, keeping the arresting forces well under OSHA’s limits.

Decorative finish plaster - OMEGA PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL INC.

Introducing Valentino’s “V Finish,” a decorative polished finish plaster that adds an exquisite facet to interiors providing the authentic beauty of Venetian plaster. V Finish is a decorative, resin-based, interior finish plaster that provides color variation and depth with a rich appearance and a silky gloss surface.


Orac Decor “one step” surface-mounted and recessed installation high-density polyurethane niches can transform any ordinary, unembellished wall into an elegantly appointed, dramatic focal point. Factory primed, they are ready to be painted, glazed or faux finished the same day as installation.


Extrutech offers maintenance free, moisture proof beaded panels to be used in remodeling or new construction projects. Use as wainscoting in your kitchen, bath or family room. Looks great as a ceiling in your kitchen, bath or porch. Easy to install and clean. Just wipe off with soap and water. Resists splashes and spills and will not stain, rot, or delaminate. Meets ASTM E-84 Class A for Low Smoke. Fire Resistant. Custom Lengths. 10 year warranty.

Tape-on arch - NO-COAT

Install perfect archways in minutes without the hassle of glues, staples and extra coats of mud. ULTRA ARCH completes the NO-COAT Structural Laminate Drywall Corner System with three new profiles:

• 3/8-inch Bullnose

• 3/4-inch Bullnose

• Outside 90

Classic tin-style backsplash - ACP-Acoustic Ceiling Products

The company has introduced a new decorative thermoplastic backsplash panel system for use in kitchens and bathrooms that provides the classic look of traditional tin backsplash for about half the cost. The panels feature fast and easy installation with almost unlimited design options to create an instant designer look. Perfect for remodeling or new construction, the 18-inch-by-24-inch backsplash panels are manufactured from composite thermoplastic and are corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability. Thermally infused color finishes look identical to classic patinas. The backsplash panels are suitable for wet environments with resistance to impacts and stains, and are simple to clean using warm water and soap with a soft cloth. The collection offers 14 finishes and six embossed designs. The finishes range from paintable white or brushed aluminum to Bermuda bronze or cracked copper, replicating the full range of finishes seen in traditional tin panels. The backsplash panels can be cut with a snip, scissors or utility knife.

Art deco moldings - FYPON

To help Art Deco enthusiasts recapture the styles of the 1920s and 1930s, Fypon offers a selection of durable urethane Art Deco moldings. Using popular Art Deco-era elements such as rounded corners, stepped forms and geometrical rhythm, the moldings feature simple formats that can be incorporated into both interior and exterior projects. Fypon manufactures more than 6,000 low-maintenance and molded millwork products. Each piece is made of tough, high-performance materials that resist splintering, decaying, insect infestation, water penetration and absorption, for long lasting beauty and performance.

Venetian plaster system - OLEA SPECIALTY PRODUCTS

Olea Specialty Products introduces the Vivaldi Venetian Plaster System by La Calce Del Brenta to North America. This easy-to-use system features more than 200 colors, a beautiful color catalog and “Stucky” Venetian plaster in three convenient bucket sizes.

Ladder stabilizer - LADDER MAX, LLC

A lightweight tubular steel stand-off, the Ladder-Max was created for use by homeowners and contractors alike. The universal ladder attachment weighs just over 7 pounds and is 39 inches wide, providing 19 inches of stand off from any sidewall or roof. In addition to user safety, the product also is designed to reduce shingle, gutter and siding damage. The Ladder-Max has been tested and certified to meet OSHA and ANSI standards and requirements and is the first stabilizer to be OSHA certified for direct roof placement. The Ladder-Max is also designed with spring steel wire lock pins to allow for quick installation.