Multifunctional Extension Ladder: Louisville Ladder Inc.

Pro Top is a fiberglass extension ladder with a multifunctional top that was designed for electrical, utility, heavy construction and residential jobs. The ladder includes a work-tray with handyman tool slots that hold pliers, screwdrivers, and more, and a large hole that fits a cordless screwdriver chuck or hammer. Weep holes allow water to escape when the ladder is stored in an upright position. It also has a V-shaped pole grip designed with rubber tread that allows it to be used for working against poles or trees. The ladder is equipped with a quick and easy locking method for securing sections when the ladder is extended.

Passenger Hoist System: Beta Max Inc.

The Max Climber 2000 PMB is designed in compliance with current safety regulations and is equipped with an emergency over-speed brake, as well as an enclosed passenger cabin that offers interlock switches to detect when it is safe to enter and exit. Standard features include an installation platform for installing and anchoring the mast, screw jacks for easy and fast leveling of the base unit, an adjustable open basket option for material transport, and a 110-volt service outlet provided on board.

Electric Scissor Lifts: JLG

Designated the ES Series, these scissor lifts are designed to provide longer duty cycles, higher capacities, and larger platforms. The machines feature an electric drive system that uses two independent electric motors for the drive wheels. The units also incorporate a system that combines the hydraulic lift pump, reservoir and motor with the lift cylinder into a single assembly. For ease of operation, an improved control station permits one-handed control of both the proportional drive and lift functions. The platform decks are manufactured from non-corrosive aluminum with non-skid strips.

Ladder Stabilizer: Basemate Ladder Levelling Systems Inc.

The ladder leveler is designed to offer a solution to wobbly, unsafe ladders. The product provides a wider, more stable platform and quickly adjusts to uneven terrain, helping to make any extension ladder safer and easier to use. The Basemate exceeds Grade 1 CDN and type 1A USA ladder requirements, is made of hardened steel and is insured by Lloyds of London. Units feature a patented triple action locking system with one-foot operation. The leveler can be installed to most fiberglass, aluminum and wood extension ladders, and use fabricated steel legs and brackets. The Basemate has been weight-tested to 1,200 pounds.

Hoists: Hydro-Mobile

The Raxtar hoists, distributed by Hydro-Mobile in North America, have modular cages that are made with light materials that are solid yet made to be easy to repair. Controlled by a joystick an electronic panel or a driverless mode, the hoists can operate on either side of the mast and integrate the “Flex-Drive” system, a 3-D concept that results in a smoother drive and leads to less wear on racks, pinions, ties, and electronic devices. The hoists also integrate technologies that have been specifically developed and customized to the needs of rental companies such as a remote problem-solving system that allows failures to be fixed from a distance. Raxtar’s masts are also compatible with Hydro-Mobile’s F-Series.

Scaffold Extending Brace: T-Brace

This building product is designed to create greater span capacity on scaffolding for carpenters, masons, siding and stucco contractors, as well as any construction professional. The patented T-Brace is made to increase span and rigidity of walk-boards and scaffolding planks on project sites. The product works with pump jacks, ladder jacks, sawhorses, site-built riggings, and various scaffolding systems. It allows for longer spans between supports without intermediate bracing. T-Brace’s powder-coated steel construction provides durability and can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. One T-Brace weighs just 3.3 pounds and is easily transported from site to site.

Pump Jack System: Werner Ladder Co.

This system is a type of supported scaffold in which the work platform moves up and down on vertical poles, keeping the end user a set distance from the work surface. Pump jacks can be used for siding applications, roofing, painting and stuccoing. Additionally, pump jacks are used in applications where two buildings are so close together that a ladder jack system cannot be installed at the appropriate angle. A plank is raised by using your foot to “pump” the jack and then is lowered by engaging and turning a hand crank. Steel pump jacks are made of pressed metal.

Utility Scaffold: Bil-Jax Inc.

The Pro-Jax Utility Scaffold combines patented safety features with load capacity. It measures 29 inches wide so it is narrow enough for a single user to maneuver the unit through doorways. The sturdy steel construction reinforces a plywood deck and supports 1,000 pounds. Stacked units provide a maximum working height above 23 feet. The patented Saf-T-Lok allows operators to adjust the platform height in 2-inch increments, ensuring that the platform remains level and locked securely during use. Patented knurled rungs provide an added measure of safety. It is available with 6-, 8-, and 10-foot brace lengths.