As part of its ongoing commitment to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of cement and concrete to sustainable building solutions, the Portland Cement Association has identified local leaders in eight cities across the nation who have enacted policies or completed projects that promote sustainable development through the use of concrete and other cement-based products.

The 2008 Winners in Leadership in Sustainability Policy are:
  • Richard J. Daley, Mayor; Sadhu Aufochs Johnston, Chief Environmental Officer, Mayor’s Office; City of Chicago.
  • Department of Street Services, City of Dallas
Homes and Residential Building Projects:
  • Brad Reed, Inspection Coordinator; City of Lubbock, Texas
    • Project: 100th ICF house (HUD funded HOME project)-Construction of low-income housing using ICF systems provides superior construction technology at an affordable price and significant reductions in energy usage.
  • Dennis C. Kilfoil, Executive Director, Marion County Housing Authority; Salem, Ore.
    • Project: Hazelwood Estates, Woodburn, Ore.-ICF wall systems were chosen for sound attenuation, fire resistance and to minimize long-term maintenance and minimize energy requirements.
Infrastructure Projects:
  • Najib Fares, PE; Infrastructure Manager, Transportation & Public Works Department; City of Fort Worth, Texas
    • Project: Annual street maintenance program for the city of Fort Worth
  • Peggy J. Dunn, Mayor; Joe C. Johnson, Director of Public Works, Leawood; Leawood, Kan.
    • Project: Pervious concrete parking lot in I-Lan Park
  • Kurtis J. Grassett, Director of Public Works; Hancock, N.H.
    • Project: Rebuilding of Antrim Road using FDR with cement
  • Elaine M. Scruggs, Mayor; Horatio Skeete, Deputy City Manager; Cathy Colbath, Transit Administrator; City of Glendale, Ariz.
    • Project: Park and ride parking lot project using pervious concrete
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