The American Concrete Institute has announced several goals, programs, and initiatives to provide information on the sustainable properties of concrete to its members and the concrete industry.

Together with institute’s Technical Activities Committee, Education Activities Committee, and Certification Programs Committee, Board Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development is taking the lead to ensure the fulfillment of sustainability goals stated in ACI’s Strategic Plan. These goals include the expansion of the understanding of sustainability issues among ACI’s membership and the increase of sustainability-related content in ACI’s documents and products.  

A technical committee, ACI 130, Sustainability of Concrete was created to provide technical knowledge on the sustainable properties of concrete and concrete applications, and its goals include developing a report/guide that will contain current information regarding concrete’s environmental footprint, data to input into evaluation models or calculators, and strategies or methods to reduce the environmental footprint.

In addition to the formation of the new technical committee on the sustainability of concrete, leaders from the BAC-SD met with ACI technical committee chairs to discuss and encourage the increased content of sustainability issues in their technical documents and products to be released by ACI.  

ACI has also launched a new Web page,, to highlight the publications, opportunities for involvement, and case studies the institute offers its members and customers.

At the upcoming ACI Convention in San Antonio, this March, ACI is planning a series of sessions on building sustainably with slag cement and concrete as a sustainable material, plus a LEED training with special emphasis on concrete. Numerous other meetings will discuss concrete and sustainability. Visitwww.ACIconvention.orgfor details on these events and meetings.  

A full list of sustainability-related products and opportunities from ACI can be found by