BASF Construction Chemicals – Building Systems has been honored by the International Concrete Repair Institute for its contributions as a material supplier/manufacturer to two projects in 2008.

The company was honored with an Award of Excellence in the Parking Structures Category for the 55 E. Monroe Street Parking Garage in Chicago. The structure, built in 1970, required repairs due to severe deterioration and the need to update the garage to accommodate future residents of condominiums in development. The garage needed to remain open during repairs to accommodate the owner’s needs. BASF was able to provide a system of products to assist in the repairs and allow the garage to remain in business. Trafficguard EP 35 and a Conipur Plus Traffic Membrane System were used to repair, level and seamlessly waterproof and protect the nine story garage.

The company was also honored with an Award of Merit for its contribution to the repair of the Pluspetrol’s Marine Terminal at Piso-Camisea in Paracas Bay, Piso, Peru. Heavy ongoing maintenance was needed to clean the growth of barnacles and marine life at the water line of the piles of the pier structure. Owners decided to use the A-P-E marine epoxy system with fiberglass jackets from BASF to encapsulate the steel piles.

ICRI conducts an awards program each year to honor and recognize outstanding projects in the concrete repair industry. Entries are received from around the world and the winning projects are honored each year at the ICRI Awards Dinner and Reception.

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