Architectural Products By Outwater LLC

The company’s Orac Decor Flexible Moldings series is for cornice, panel, casing, flat stock, quarter round, half round and base moldings. Comprising a lightweight, dimensionally stable molded polymer compound that is impervious to adverse climate and weather conditions, moisture, insects, UV and most common solvents, the moldings offer sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and quality in highly flexible 6 foot, 6 inch straight lengths that enable installers to easily create “bend to fit” radii at the time of installation to accommodate the curvature of almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without profile deformation or causing excess stress to the mounting surface. Designed to be handled and installed utilizing typical woodworking equipment, the moldings do not require priming before painting, faux-finishing or glazing, and are appropriately suited for use in commercial and residential construction, renovation and redecoration applications.

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