Bothwell Enterprises

The company’s Composite Safety Plank System features a multitude of safety advantages and addresses the hazards of standard planking. Its safety features include:

Lightweight: With standard overlapping wood plank weighing 50 percent, the company has reduced back strain injuries on installation and takedown.

Non-slip surface: Embedded in the manufacturing process, its patented non-slip surface provides incredible grip, even when soaking wet.

Non-overlapping: This feature has virtually eliminated any possible trip injury due to uneven surfaces, and creates ramping opportunities when necessary. Even wheelchairs and wheelbarrows are no problem.

Consistent deflection: The amount of flex under load is consistent from plank to plank, allowing the user to step on two boards simultaneously without the risk of twisting an ankle or losing one’s balance and possibly falling. This distributes the user’s weight across a greater surface, adding stability to the work platform.

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