MetalWorks 3D, a three-dimensional ceiling system from Armstrong, provides the opportunity to create unique ceiling designs using 2-foot by 2-foot metal ceiling panels of varying heights. The system features the industry’s only panels that can be installed up or down in the grid, creating up to 8 inches of height variation to maximize design impact. The panels are available in five panel heights, including 0-inch, 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch. Because a panel can install up or down, one panel can have two completely different looks. The panels can be installed in a myriad of different layout options to bring a unique three-dimensional visual to a space.  They can also help define and accentuate spaces and are ideal for use in hospitality and retail applications as well as a variety of other commercial interiors, including conference rooms, lobbies and reception areas. For more information, visit