Read about products from Amvic, LiteForm, Premier Building Systems, Reward Wall Systems and InSoFast.

Energy efficient ICFs


The company’s ICFs are hollow, lightweight “stay-in-place” forms made of two panels of EPS that are connected by 100-percent recycled plastic webs. The forms are stacked together. The wall is braced and then filled with concrete which creates a stable, energy efficient and sustainable structure. The products are well engineered, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use. The forms can contribute up to 20-plus points toward LEED certification as proven by a third party product assessment.

ICFs for elevated concrete


LiteDeck Wood Rib System is a carpenter-friendly EPS decking system designed for creating insulated concrete floors. Shoring requirements and installation methods are similar to the company’s LiteDeck but instead of integral steel furring strips, the WRS uses locally purchased lumber. The most common profile uses conventional 2x6 lumber or a light-gauge steel beam of the same size. An even “greener” profile uses an 11 7⁄8-inch I-joist ripped lengthwise for support. Standard components are available in 8 foot lengths. This system is also compatible with LiteDeck’s “top hat” design and can create clear spans of 50-plus feet. Builders can also order WRS decking in custom lengths or with the ribs (2x6, 2x8, 2x10, I-joist, or light-gauge steel options) direct.

SIPs accessory

Premier Building Systems

The new zero-VOC mastic consists of polymers that are designed to remain flexible, yet provide a tight seal that eliminates water vapor and air infiltration into a building when installing structural insulated panels. It is able to resist moisture, dampness, and temperature fluctuations. In addition, it is contained in 20-ounce packs, which can compress down, reducing on-site waste and minimizing landfill space.

Multi-configured ICFs

Reward Wall Systems

The company’s iForm system features a universal design that reduces on-site cuts and waste. Forms range in size from 9 to 17 inches thick and up to six form configurations. Each straight form has eight recycled polypropylene ties spaced 6 inches o.c. between 2½-inch thick foam panels. Furring strips are 1¼ inch wide and recessed behind the panel surface. An interlocking, 1-inch tall open tooth design reduces the intrusion of debris and concrete between teeth to allow for easy stacking. Reward offers in depth on site training and has a fully comprehensive technical manual available online for ICF construction professionals.

Continuous insulation systems


The company’s panels are engineered to provide continuous insulation with built-in attachment for a variety of building applications. The panels include a drain and dry surface on the backside, an integrated grid of wiring chases and a fully insulated stud. These integrated studs maintain continuous insulation without creating a thermal short circuit. They also provide two options for attachment, adhesive or mechanical fastening. The design allows for a more controlled cost on labor and materials with typical installation rates four times faster than traditional framing alone. The thin profile offers a valuable space saving alternative.