Knauf Insulation has announced that UL Environment and their Environmental Claims Validation service have validated post-consumer content of 55.7 percent. ULe’s conclusive and independent third-party validation process further supports Knauf Insulation’s value as a leader in sustainable product manufacturing.

“As one of the first manufacturers in our industry to work with ULe on this type of initiative, we are proud to announce the validation of environmental and sustainability claims for our glass wool products,” said Scott Miller, director of sustainability at Knauf Insulation. “Independent, third-party validation provides our customers with confidence in the sustainable attributes of our insulation products. Knauf Insulation, as a company, will continually adapt to the constantly changing atmosphere of environmental sustainability and stay in the forefront with our sustainability platform.”

Knauf Insulation manufactures thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulations for residential, commercial, industrial, marine, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and metal building applications. Post-consumer recycled bottle glass along with sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources, and Ecose technology are used to create the next generation of sustainable insulation.

“We applaud Knauf Insulation for their commitment to diverting waste to make insulation,” said Stephen Wenc, president of UL Environment. “Knauf Insulation is also committed to building confidence and trust in the marketplace by validating their claims with an independent, third party.”

Knauf Insulation worked with UL Environment to validate their post-consumer content claim. “It just made sense to use UL Environment as our validation body. Knauf Insulation currently works with UL to classify the fire performance of most of its products, and has for many years. UL is recognized by architects, engineers in building specifications and is certainly recognized on consumer products as well,” said Glenn Brower, director of technical marketing at Knauf Insulation.

UL Environment applies a rigorous, independent process to the testing and auditing of environmental claims and allows manufacturers that successfully pass the tests to apply the UL Environment ECV service logo on product packaging and marketing materials.

Results for the validation are available