The Steel Stud Manufacturers’ Association has put its stamp of approval on two products, paving the way for members, distributors and contractors to diversify their offerings to customers.

ViperStud and Supreme Framing System, two well-known industry brands, have been adopted by the SSMA as association products-allowing members to license and offer the products at discounted rates. SSMA Director Dan Dry said the announcement will be good for everyone.

“We believe this move will help promote competition among manufacturers while building solidarity behind the brand of SSMA,” he said. “The organization is founded on this very principle.”

Members of the organization now have three SSMA-certified products to offer to their customers.

“It is exciting to see that SSMA has once again stepped to the forefront to improve the framing industry,” said SSMA Treasurer Marty Kiehm. “The certification programs implemented by SSMA for both structural and light gauge continue to build on quality standards and continuity.”