The ZipDoor kit is ideal for residential or commercial applications, particularly with high numbers of doorways. Featuring the company’s new double-sided tape and heavy duty, glued-in zippers, the ZipDoor installs in under one minute to provide a complete dust barrier. Made of 4 mil plastic sheeting, the product is available in standard (doors up to 3 feet by 7 feet) and commercial (doors up to 4 feet by 8 feet) sizes through retail and online dealers. The commercial door is also fire retardant. The product’s two pre-installed, heavy-duty zippers are glued on for maximum sheer strength. Sewn-in zippers perforate the sheeting and can tear when pulled. The zippers also extend to the floor, eliminating the tripping hazard of a hatch-style door. When open, the door flap rolls up and stows easily in the provided flap hooks. Attaching the ZipDoor to the doorframe is ZipWall’s new proprietary double-sided tape. ZipWall tape uses a paper carrier, so it tears easily, no scissors or utility knife needed. The side applied to the doorframe performs like painter’s tape. The other side features an aggressive adhesive that holds the plastic sheeting. Despite its high hold, the adhesive gives the user up to an hour to reposition the doorway before fully bonding.