EIMA has announced its membership of the local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. As part of this membership EIMA will actively participate on issues surrounding green building initiatives, legislative agendas, and local and state zoning regulations.

“An affiliation with the home builders is very exciting for us, as we view this as a way to not only help the builders but also current and future homeowners” said David Johnston, executive director for EIMA. “We share many similar interests; including our shared desire to make homes more durable and energy efficient, which obviously benefits homeowners upfront and in the long run.”

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems has been transformed in recent years into what many are calling “New” EIFS. EIFS now includes an optional water-resistive barrier that covers the substrate in addition to being the most energy efficient and best amongst exterior cladding systems for accomplishing continuous insulation. Additionally, research done by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, supported by the Department of Energy, has indicated that EIFS outperforms brick, stucco, and other cementitious fiberboard siding.

“The more people learn about the new EIFS the more their interest level grows” said Buck Buchanan, president of the EIMA Board of Directors. “Not only are there studies showing the benefits of EIFS, but as we continue to learn more about green buildings and initiatives involving energy efficiency advancements, we have even seen our competitors point out our energy efficient advantages.”