Increased R value forms

Amvic Building System

The company announces its third generation of ICFs Amvic Plus 3.30 (with an R-value of R-30). The new forms incorporate many of the patented innovations of the first and second generation ICF and have been expanded to provide a stronger, more energy efficient and easier to install product.  The two EPS side panels have increased by 30 percent going from 2½ to 3¼ inches per side for a total EPS width of 6½ inches the wider EPS foam also increases the R-value of the block

from R-22 to R-30 making it the highest R-value of any factory assembled block in the industry.




Fast installation SIPs

Premier SIPs by Insulfoam

These SIPs are an advanced building alternative to stick-built framing and other construction methods for homes, multi-family structures and commercial/public buildings. The large-section panels install fast, helping reduce building cycle time and job site labor. They provide strong insulating values and a tight building envelope to help reduce heating and cooling energy use up to 60 percent, and help reduce job site waste by up to two-thirds. They can also help contribute toward points in leading green building programs, including up to 34 points in LEED for Homes and up to 30 points in LEED for New Construction.




LTD for insulated wall panels


The LTD (load transfer device) is an X-shaped device, comprised of fiber-composite bars and an insulated receptacle capable of setting the depth of the bars. The bars are made from a resilient glass fiber reinforced composite material which has negligible thermal conductivity and is designed to resist both compression and tension loads. The insulating receptacle is designed to be a positioning mechanism, with each receptacle designed to match the thickness of the integral insulation. To achieve this design, the fiber-composite bars are inserted through slots in the insulation receptacle until they are locked in at the proper depth. With insulation thicknesses greater than 125 mm, structurally composite sandwich wall panels can develop a high level of composite action and non-composite sandwich wall panels can have a suspended face.


Energy efficient forms


The company offers a solution-focused suite of ICF products for builders and architects interested in green, energy-efficient alternatives for building foundations and walls. Designed for a wide range of projects and building applications, ARXX Prime ICFs are pre-assembled forms used to build walls with nominal 6-, 8- or 10-inch concrete cores, and are available through an established distributor network throughout the United States and Canada, including major building supply chains, independent lumberyards, and concrete accessory and ready-mix outlets.



Insulated Concrete wall forming

Fox Blocks by Airlite Plastics

Formwork for flat panel structural concrete walls that delivers complete integrated furring system for direct attachment of interior and exterior finishes. Fox Blocks provide R 23 of continuous insulation rigid foam to both faces with options to R41/U value 0.043 hours per square foot. Faster-stronger-quieter walls that offer lower cost option to exceed newest energy code requirements.



Design flexible forms


The company’s ICFs provide the highest insulation values and exceptional design flexibility. With only four main components, 12 R-values and wall configurations for any desired wall width, the forms are extremely versatile. All building elements can be created on-site with no special order parts required.  

•           Extra insulation

•           Radius walls

•           Pre-tied rebar

•           Seamless integration of walls and floors


All products are manufactured under the ISO:9001 standard but also ISO:1400, the environmental standard for manufacturers.


Eco-friendly forms


The company’s forms provides eco-friendly, energy efficient building envelopes that offer superior performance benefits to minimize energy costs, maximize value, create a healthy indoor environment, and offer greater strength, storm, sound and fire resistance. Manufactured with patented technologies and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the wall system provides maximum energy performance to reduce a building’s carbon footprint and can contribute significantly to LEED and Net-Zero specified projects.


R value panels

Reward Wall Systems

Boost-R Panels were designed to increase ICF R-values past

R-30, while keeping all of the same benefits of of the company’s ICFs. The panels are made out of EPS foam* and have exclusive interlocking cutouts that snap in place over the connecting tie, so Boost-R Panels will not move after placement.

Each layer of panels will increase the R-value by R-8.34*

Simple ordering and installation

Tapered edges glide smoothly over all eight of the connecting ties

Attachments strips remain fully accessible on ICF panels


 * Boost-R Panels can be custom made to different thicknesses, densities and foam to reach required R-values.