The Edge-TapeWR is a drywall finishing product designed to replace traditional tear-away bead. The product installs twice as fast and uses half the compound of tear away bead. The product is 2 inches wide and comes in a 100-foot roll so it eliminates waste and is easily transported and stored at job sites. The drywall product has a pre-finished (paintable and sandable) paper-face that allows a skim coat to finish, saving time and money. The PVC backing provides a rigid surface that can span gaps in drywall for a strong, straight finish. It is used to finish drywall edges to suspended ceilings and for commercial “top out” applications where the drywall meets the concrete ceiling/deck. Unlike tear-away bead, Edge-TapeWR can be installed by the finisher not the carpenter using standard compound, no adhesives or mechanical fasteners are needed. Its outer edge features a diamond punch pattern for a superior bond and faster drying with no rippling or blistering.