Bayer’s EcoCommercial Building Network, dedicated to bringing together varied disciplines in the pursuit of high-performance buildings, has expanded its expertise in the public sector for governmental and institutional projects. The ECB Network announces the addition of The Arizpe Group Inc., a multidisciplinary design and engineering firm committed to sustainability, based in Austin, Texas.

The Texas firm provides architectural, civil and MEP engineering services to public sector clients on local, county, state and federal levels. The company is committed to deliver creative, sustainable and energy effective solutions while, at the same time, always considering maintainable and practical design.

“Arizpe’s list of public sector clients represents a wide variety of projects –universities, medical facilities, government buildings and more,” said Paul Platte, director of EcoCommercial Building in North America. “They bring to the ECB network a wealth of knowledge about this sector with large growth and, therefore, a potentially deep impact on advancing the goal of high-performing buildings.”

Robert Arizpe, vice president of Arizpe, said, “We understand the balance of sustainable engineering and design – the tradeoff between initial costs and future savings. This is why we are partnering with the ECB network and sustainable material manufacturers such as Bayer MaterialScience so that we can specify the most innovative, tested and proven material solutions for each one of our clients’ specific needs.”