Lapolla Industries Inc. executes a new exclusive contract with MVL Group.

Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla said, “We are very pleased to have entered into an exclusive relationship with MVL Group, a world class supply partner. MVL Group is another example of a leading supply channel Lapolla is focusing on to bring our FoamLok spray polyurethane foam insulation and Thermoflex coating products to the global market.”

Headquartered in Dubai, MVL is a supply chain and construction supply Management Company with concentration in the Middle East and North Africa that provides professional services to companies within the defense, construction, and engineering industries. Having supplied tens of thousands of tons of specialized materials to US Army projects, MVL has a proven reputation in the industry as a reliable and consistent source for standard and special order items specified by high level prime contractors.

“As a top importer of Lapolla’s highly credentialed foam insulation systems into the Middle East, MVL views this exclusive agreement as the natural progression of a relationship already aligned in shared values and standards. All of us at MVL are proud of this relationship, and look forward to solidifying our role as Lapolla’s conduit to the Middle East and North Africa,” said Abie Musa, managing director at MVL.