EagleView Technologies Inc. announced that the United States Patent Office recently awarded two new patents for inventions surrounding the improved capture of aerial imagery and the use of that imagery for the creation of roof reports. Both “System for Detecting Image Abnormalities,” bearing U.S. Patent Number 8,515,198, and “System and Process for Roof Measurement Using Aerial Imagery,” bearing U.S. Patent Number 8,515,125, were issued August 20, 2013 to affiliate Pictometry International Corp.

The first patent describes a method for automatically detecting image abnormalities caused by excessive sun glare. With a fleet of 74 capture aircraft, it is the mission of EagleView to continually develop new and inventive ways of ensuring the highest quality of Pictometry imagery. The capture systems continually monitor the cameras’ health while identifying failed image captures which in turn automatically captures a second image. This ensures complete coverage across difficult capture environments, further enhancing Pictometry’s unparalleled oblique and ortho image library.

The second patent describes a method for the creation of roof reports directly from aerial imagery. It defines the process for assigning attributes of a roof structure of a real-world, three-dimensional building creating enhanced accuracy for area and pitch measurements. EagleView, the pioneer of this technology, continues to innovate in the means of automating the extraction of the 3-D roof measurement information providing significant efficiencies to the insurance and contractor marketplace.

“EagleView is committed to ongoing research and development initiatives in support of its customers and markets,” said EagleView President and CEO Chris Barrow. “We will continue to leverage our vast engineering resources resulting in an ever-broadening intellectual property portfolio.”

The addition of these patents increases EagleView’s domestic and international portfolio to 55 patents issued.