Terex Corporation has initiated a capital improvement plan to upgrade and re-purpose its Oklahoma City manufacturing facility. The plan follows the sale of several roadbuilding equipment product lines that were, up until now, manufactured at the facility. The project is consistent with the company’s efforts to better leverage its manufacturing footprint around the world.

Previously, manufacturing sites were more aligned with specific business segments and product lines. Since 2008, Terex has sought out opportunities to gain efficiencies by manufacturing multiple product lines in one location where possible based on geographic locations and the ability to flex production among multiple product categories over the course of an economic cycle.

“We see Oklahoma City as a geographically advantaged site. It’s central U.S. location and well developed infrastructure help us to efficiently service our North American customers from here. It also boasts a workforce that’s skilled in the trades we need to manufacture our equipment—such as fabrication, welding, machining and assembly,” said Tom Gelston, vice president of Investor Relations, Terex. “We’ve also been pleased with the cooperation from state and local officials who have been working with us to help us understand and navigate local opportunities and their requirements so that we can not only maintain, but perhaps even grow our presence in Oklahoma City.”

The Oklahoma City manufacturing facility is a Terex-owned space measuring 700,000 square feet and over 100 acres. There are currently more than 150 team members employed at this location. The transformation of the facility will make it compatible with the Terex Business System (TBS)—the company’s approach to lean manufacturing and business practices which it employs across its many business segments, product lines and manufacturing facilities across the globe.

“As our businesses continue to recover following the recession, we see demand for several of our product lines growing,” said Gelston. “Our plan is to develop the Oklahoma City facility into a world-class site that we can leverage to efficiently meet demand for the products of multiple Terex business segments.”