Eagle Materials Inc. reported financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2014 which ended September 30, 2013. Notable items for the quarter in relation to the prior-year's second quarter include:

  • Revenues of $252.6 million, up 53 percent
  • Earnings before interest and income taxes of $63.5 million, up 114 percent
  • Net earnings per diluted share of $0.80, up 100 percent

Sales volumes improved across all business lines, with cement volumes setting a quarterly record at 1.4 million tons. Net sales prices strengthened across nearly all businesses, with wallboard sales prices increasing 21 percent over the prior year's second quarter. Quarterly revenue and earnings improvement also reflects the acquisition of assets, primarily two cement plants in Missouri and Oklahoma and the related aggregates and ready-mix businesses in Kansas City (the Acquired Assets) on November 30, 2012.


Gypsum Wallboard and Paperboard

Gypsum Wallboard and Paperboard's second quarter operating earnings of $36.8 million were up 52 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Improved Gypsum Wallboard net sales prices were the primary driver of the quarterly earnings increase. Additional contribution came from improved sales volumes in both wallboard and paperboard.

Gypsum Wallboard and Paperboard revenues for the second quarter totaled $120.0 million, a 24 percent increase from the same quarter a year ago. The revenue increase reflects primarily higher wallboard average net sales prices and improved gypsum wallboard and paperboard sales volumes.

The average gypsum wallboard net sales price for the second quarter was $144.05 per MSF, 21 percent greater than the same quarter a year ago. Gypsum Wallboard sales volume for the quarter of 554 million square feet (MMSF) represents an 11 percent increase from the same quarter last year. The average Paperboard net sales price for this quarter was $507.28 per ton, 1 percent lower than the same quarter a year ago. Paperboard sales volumes for the quarter were 67,000 tons, 8 percent higher than the same quarter a year ago.


Cement, Concrete and Aggregates

Operating earnings from Cement for the second quarter were $32.4 million, an 86 percent increase from the same quarter a year ago. The earnings increase resulted from increased sales volumes and average net cement sales prices.

Cement revenues for the quarter, including joint venture and intersegment revenues, totaled $133.2 million, 70 percent greater than the same quarter last year. The revenue improvement reflects a 66 percent increase in our second quarter Cement sales volume, including sales volumes attributable to the Acquired Assets. Our average net cement sales price this quarter was $85.34 per ton, 3 percent higher than the same quarter last year.

Concrete and Aggregates reported a small operating loss for the second quarter, an improvement from the same quarter a year ago.


Details of Financial Results

For information regarding the results of operations for the Acquired Assets for certain periods prior to November 30, 2012, including pro forma financial information that combines the results of operations for Eagle and the Acquired Assets, please see our Form 8-K/A filed on April 26, 2013. The increase in our average shares outstanding at September 30, 2013 is primarily due to the impact of our follow-on equity offering related to the Acquired Assets, which was completed on October 3, 2012.

The prior year's second quarter results include Acquisition and Litigation Expenses related primarily to the acquisition of the Acquired Assets and litigation costs related to our lawsuit against the IRS. The total impact from these non-routine items was $5.7 million (pre-tax), or $0.09 per diluted share (after-tax).

Texas Lehigh Cement Company LP, one of our cement plant operations, is conducted through a 50/50 joint venture (the "Joint Venture"). We utilize the equity method of accounting for our 50 percent interest in the Joint Venture. For segment reporting purposes only, we proportionately consolidate our 50 percent share of the Joint Venture's revenues and operating earnings, which is consistent with the way management organizes the segments in the Company for making operating decisions and assessing performance. Attachment 3 shows the proportional consolidation of our Cement revenues.

In addition, for segment reporting purposes, we report intersegment revenues as a part of a segment's total revenues. Intersegment sales are eliminated on the income statement. Refer to Attachment 3 for a reconciliation of the amounts referred to above.

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