Laminate surface innovator Advanced Technology Inc. announces it’s rebranding the company as ATI Decorative Laminates. The change is effective immediately

“The new name reflects today’s products and customer base,” said ATI President Tara Burgio. “In the last eight years, we’ve made significant inroads in the architecture and design community. Their needs drive our product development.”

The 34-year-old company was founded by Jim Burgio, a hardware industry veteran and former president of Heinze America Limited. Burgio originally sold metal laminates, before branching into thermoplastics, which created the company’s most popular and enduring product, MirroFlex. Today the company designs and manufacturers laminate surfaces for application in retail, contract and hospitality properties. Its product depth has expanded from wall surfaces to include ceiling tiles, trim, back splashes and shower surrounds.

Just because the word technology was dropped from the name, doesn’t mean the company is ignoring it.

“Technology is what makes our products innovative,” said Burgio.

Fusion, ATI’s proprietary process that embeds images and color into virtually any substrate, couldn’t have been made 10 years ago because the technology wasn’t available.

“We’re constantly researching new methods of production and new technologies to create smarter products,” Burgio said.

As part of the rebranding effort, ATI is introducing a new logo, website and collateral that reflect the company’s direction.

“We’ll roll out the updated branding and marketing elements in early 2014,” said Marketing Director Beth Joyce.