ECHOtape, a leading specialty tape supplier, introduced four new products to launch its Insulation Tape Line for residential and commercial contractors.  The line includes a variety of seaming and double sided tapes used in the mechanical insulation industry as well as with reflective insulation systems.

“ECHOtape has a long history of selling pressure sensitive tapes,” said Risa Edelstein, director of marketing for ECHOtape. “Working with professional contractors over the past 40 years has given us the expertise and ability to develop products that can be used throughout the construction industry with confidence. These new insulation tapes offer residential and commercial contractors high performance, high value options for their insulation needs. ”  

The initial products launched in the line include All Purpose Aluminum Foil Tape, an All Purpose White Aluminum Foil Tape, an All Temperature FSK Insulation Tape, and a Cold Weather Double Coated Polyester Tape.  These will initially be available through Service Partners (, one of the largest distributors of insulation products in the United States.

These new tapes are the first of several new products in ECHOtape’s Insulation Tape Line.  Over the next several months, additional Facing Tapes and an All Service Jacketing (ASJ) Tape will be added to the line.

The All Purpose Aluminum Foil Tapes are used on seams and joints of fiberglass and aluminum-backed duct board, jacketing, and for seaming reflective insulation. These high-strength tapes are coated with a superior-performance, flame-retardant solvent acrylic adhesive. Applications for this tape include sealing joints and seams of foil-faced insulation materials.

The All Temperature FSK (Foil, Scrim and Kraft) Insulation Tape uses a combined pressure-sensitive adhesive and release liner to seal cold and dual-temperature duct seams and joints where FSK is the basic insulation facing. The tape is coated with a high-performance, flame-retardant cold weather acrylic adhesive, and is designed for tear-resistant sealing. The tape has an excellent adhesion capability at normal application temperatures, combined with super low temperature performance. Applications for this tape include seaming and joining joints of FSK laminated board and jacketing insulation.


The Cold Weather Double Coated Polyester Tape is a high-performance double-sided polyester film (PET) tape that forms a permanent bond with a wide variety of surfaces.  The tape is coated on both sides with cold weather acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.  Applications for this tape include lap seals on laminated and reflective insulation, permanent bonding of foams, plastics, metals and composite materials, and insulation mounting under a broad range of environmental and temperature conditions.

The All Purpose White Aluminum Foil Tape is a foil tape with a white aluminum facer to match the acrylic-coated aluminum facing of THERMAX™ & Atlas™. This tape is also coated with a superior-performance, flame-retardant solvent acrylic. The tape is used to laminate insulation materials such as rigid polystyrene boards and fiberglass. Applications for this tape include lap joint and vapor seal on Dow THERMAX™ foil face board, joining and sealing flexible air duct seams and connections, and general purpose holding, patching, sealing and masking applications both indoors and outdoors.   

“The launch of the Insulation Tape Line is exciting, as we believe the market is poised for a lot of growth,” said Mike Grevatt, vice president of sales for ECHOtape.   “There’s obviously a huge interest in weatherization, in both commercial and residential construction, and a growing interest in maximizing energy efficiency as well as the need to adhere to stricter building codes.  All of these factors are contributing to a growing market segment we want to service well.

According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) architects, builders, and contractors are concerned about high-performance and sustainable construction, since buildings account for more than 40 percent of energy usage worldwide. Recent statistics also found that more than 65 percent of American homes are under-insulated by minimum standards. The U.S. insulation market is a $7.7 billion industry, and replacement insulation is a larger part of that industry than new home insulation. Insulation is also important to ductwork and HVAC systems, since according to the Department of Energy, about 20 percent of hot or cold air flowing through ducts is lost to leaks, resulting in higher energy bills, wear and tear, and discomfort inside a building.

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