With the many projects that you feature and tips for insulators and contractors, we want to make sure your audience knows how to help eliminate the No. 1 threat to livability during home renovations: job site dust. And as you know when you’re putting up walls and remodeling leaky ceilings, a lot of debris is on the site and being inhaled by workers and homeowners.

The new BuildClean Dust Control System has quickly become the contractor’s, and homeowner’s, best friend. Now available nationwide, the BuildClean system allows contractors to virtually eliminate airborne dust that results from demolition, sanding and other standard remodeling tasks.

BuildClean, which was built with contractors in mind and tested by some of the best in the business, has made it possible for remodelers to promise homeowners that dust will be controlled during their project. That’s not easy when as many as 9 and 10 homeowners stay in their home during remodeling and expect contractors to maintain livability, no matter how complicated the project.

Here’s a new video that shows how BuildClean works and why contractors are using it: http://buildclean.com/#video.