Factory-finished Special Sizes

Armstrong Ceilings

The FastSize program provides contractors with the ability to order special-sized, factory-finished ceiling panels and suspension systems in one-carton minimums. The program helps ensure a crisp, clean, finished ceiling visual by eliminating the need to cut and paint ceiling panel edges or cut and route suspension systems on site. Ideal for projects where building modules are not standard or where narrow linear fixtures or diffusers are used, FastSize products are available in a variety of systems and feature short lead times. The suspension systems ship in two weeks, ceiling panels in three weeks. For information, visit armstrong.com/fastsize.


Sound Control Acoustical Panels


The Mars Acoustical Panels are specially manufactured to maximize sound control and anti-sag performance. With a noise reduction coefficient level of .70, these panels reduce the amount of sound in a room by 70 percent. These panels are impact and scratch resistant and are included under the ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew. These panels offer a combination of sustainable aesthetics and outstanding performance. For more information, visit usg.com/ceilings.


Various Ceiling Lines

Foam Factory LLC

The company offers a complete line of ceilings that look like wood, stone and drywall. These come in sizes from 48-inch by 48-inch to 120-inch by 96-inch, and are ideal for grand rooms, such as master bedrooms, hotels lobbies, restaurants and banquet halls. The ceilings are easy to install in short time and can weigh as little as 60 pounds each. Dozens of styles are available. For more information, visit foamfactory.com.


Veneer Plaster Trims

Gordon Inc.

The company now offers extruded aluminum veneer plaster trims that create the vertical fascia for floating plaster ceilings or soffit conditions. The trims are designed flanges to allow for a minimum 1/16-inch one-coat veneer plaster finish and tapers away from the taping flanges to prevent cracking at the joint. The Contura Veneer Plaster trims install easily and are provided with pre-punched taping flanges ready for taping and floating at ceiling or soffit condition. Prefabricated mitered corners can be created and factory painting is available. For more information, visit gordon-inc.com.


Sound Absorbing Fiberglass Ceilings

CertainTeed Ceilings

Ecophon Advantage offers a cost-effective solution for bringing outstanding acoustics and environmental performance to a larger list of projects. Schools, offices and other public buildings can now add the sound absorbing performance of fiberglass in high square footage applications such as classrooms and open-plan offices to basic mineral fiber ceilings and stay within budget. And because the product is manufactured domestically, projects are serviced quickly and easily.The products are engineered to create acoustical environments that enhance occupant well-being. The ceilings can assist specifiers to achieve client acoustical and durability goals. A Class A sound absorber, the product is ideal for maximizing acoustics in areas where speech clarity is important. For more information, visit certainteed.com/ceilings.


Stone Wool Acoustic Baffles


Rockfon Contour frameless, stone wool acoustic baffles provide an alternative, acoustic solution for commercial interiors where suspended ceilings are not suitable. They feature a smooth texture and white color on both sides to optimize light reflection (LR 0.79). The Contour products have earned UL Environment’s GreenGuard Gold Certification for low-emitting products, are water-repellent, provide no sustenance to harmful microorganisms, have a Fire Class A rating and are dimensionally stable even at 100 percent relative humidity. Providing low maintenance and long-term durability, these products supplied in North America are supported with a 30-year warranty. For more information, visit rockfon.com.