Expanding on the success of its Light (LS) and Medium (MS) Tie Straps, Alpine now offers the LMS Light-Medium Tie Strap Series. These nine new tie straps are designed to resist tension loads when attached to solid sawn or structural composite lumber metal plate-connected trusses, framing members and wall members.

All of the new products are 1¼ inch wide and range in length from 9-5/8 to 36-5/8 in. They are made from 18-gauge, mill-certified steel coil, which falls between the LS (20 gauge) and MS (16 gauge) straps, providing greater flexibility, convenience and utility on the job site.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Alpine, the tie straps incorporate a G90 coating and are made to ASTM A653 SS Grade 60 specifications or better. They are backed by nearly 50 years of engineering excellence and experience.

All of the tie straps carry IAPMO (ER_0179) and FBC (FL 14076-R4) engineering approvals and are available for use throughout the U.S.