California-based Nathan Kimmel Co. LLC celebrates its 60 year anniversary this year. In celebration, the company is excited to represent the new Graco Fireproofing and Stucco Sprayer. 
Hoping that the good location will bring good attendance, the company is hoping its anniversary display will be a big hit at this year’s expo. According to President Carol Schary, the company’s new shopping cart website will launch any time now.  
Schary has had an exciting past year. In addition to continued success with the company and new products constantly being introduced and offered, she visited the Freedom Tower 3 at Ground Zero. 
Schary approves of this year’s location in New Orleans, and says the location will bring a good attendance. In upcoming years, she hopes the locations will be in Seattle, Chicago, New York and her local Los Angeles. 
Her goals for this year’s event are, “Sales and more sales, networking, knowledge and have fun.”
That shouldn’t be hard. 
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