Trim-Tex Inc. announced the appointment of Mark Budzik to the position of chief operating officer. In his new position, Mark will be responsible for overseeing operations, product development, IT, engineering and robotics with an emphasis on expanding LEAN efforts throughout the company.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and a Master's of Manufacturing Engineering from Northwestern University. Mark began his Trim-Tex career 23 years ago as an engineer, before being promoted to vice president of engineering, IT and marketing. Because of his long tenure, he has been involved with the company in a wide variety of professional capacities as his career has grown along with the organization.

During his time with Trim-Tex, Mark has overseen the launch of many of the company’s successful product lines. Mark has also been named as an inventor or co-inventor on more than a dozen patents.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys building 3D printed models. “From a young age, I’ve taken things apart and put them back together just for the fun of it,” laughs Mark. He also loves to travel and to help his brother, an architect, solve building challenges. In fact, his interest in architecture and building is part of what has guided his travels, heading abroad to explore the architecture of various cultures around the world.

Mark looks forward to a bright future with the family business he feels so close to. “I have worked very closely with owner Joe Koenig over the last 23 years” said Mark. “It has been a privilege to work at an industry leading company throughout my career. I plan to continue to optimize operations while maintaining the family values that have made Trim-Tex so successful.”

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