eSUB Construction Software has announced the partnership with Autodesk, a supplier in 3-D design, engineering, and construction software. The partnership provides subcontractors with direct access to building information modeling from their eSUB project management solution. With the integration of eSUB and Autodesk BIM 360, eSUB is advancing the relationship between the subcontractor, owner, and designer to improve construction collaboration and reduce costs and errors during the construction phase.

“I’m thrilled about the opportunities that this partnership with Autodesk provides to subcontractors,” said eSUB Chief Strategy Officer Benny Baltrotsky. “Everything that we do at eSUB is to streamline processes for subcontractors through improved documentation and collaboration. Having access to BIM 360 does just that by opening up access to 3-D models for the subcontractor to collaborate directly with the designer. Using a 3-D model, subcontractors can address issues before construction begins to save significant time and money due to costly rework and errors.” eSUB’s cloud-based construction project management platform centralizes project documentation to streamline communications between the field and office teams. The eSUB Field Works mobile app provides a quick and easy way for field personnel to document jobsite activity and access the latest project information. Autodesk’s BIM 360 opens up access to view, annotate, and share 3D BIM models (along with 2D plans) to the entire project team. Through the new technology partnership, eSUB customers will be able to access the latest 3-D plans and files from BIM 360 directly from their eSUB platform for a holistic view of a project to catch possible errors in design before work begins to save money and lost hours on rework.

“This partnership isn’t just about the integration of two powerful construction management products, but rather it is about providing construction professionals predictable project insights when they need it,” said Sarah Hodges, Director of the Construction Business Line at Autodesk. “The construction industry is full of risk and relatively low margins, and together with eSUB, we will begin to address these challenges by helping to improve communication among subcontractors, owners, designers, general contractors, and others involved in a construction project.”

“Subcontractors have a unique position in the process of construction in which a majority are not included in the design and pre-construction phase,” said Wendy Rogers, eSUB President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with Autodesk is designed to break down barriers and provide subcontractors with more tools to help them mitigate risk on projects.”

The eSUB integration with BIM 360 was developed on Autodesk Forge, which is a connected developer cloud platform which enables customers and partners to create customized, scalable solutions for engineering, construction and manufacturing challenges. Viewing 3-D models in eSUB is the first phase of the integration between Autodesk and eSUB. The Forge BIM 360 API provides additional integration points to connect eSUB and BIM 360 for stronger collaboration on projects, reducing duplicate work and manual entry, and improving overall construction workflow.