Trim-Tex announced a fire-rated version of 093V Expansion Bead. The new iteration of the existing 093V bead will provide the same great expansion protection as always (up to 3/8” in controlled movement). However, it will no longer require additional drywall rips, fire sealant or mineral wool to maintain a fire-rating due to a factory applied intumescent tape that swells in response to heat, thus sealing the gap in case of a fire. The pink color quickly indicates to inspectors that the product is fire-rated. The bead is listed under U300- and U400-Series Wall or Partition Design in the UL Fire Resistance Directory. The new bead has all the features of original 093V, including the tear-off strips that guide the taping knife and protect the center channel from mud, ensuring perfect results every time. Standard 093V will remain available.

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