Sto Corp. announced that the company’s prefabrication division, StoPanel Technology, is now partnered with Dri-Design, to offer a unique non-composite pressure-equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system as part of its StoPanel line of products. The availability of a Dri-Design prefabricated panel option will provide owners and design professionals with a wide range of aesthetic metal panel shapes and color options along with the benefits provided when using a cladding that offers a rainscreen design. 
Dri-Design panels are available in a variety of metals including anodized copper, aluminum and zinc. They are connected using true dry joints, and the absence of sealants or gaskets means zero legacy maintenance for the building owner. They are economical, sustainable, and fully tested. From a design perspective, the various panel tones and surface effects on a building wall make the cladding distinctly beautiful.
“We are excited to have Dri-Design as a cladding partner within our StoPanel Technology program,” declared Dominick Baruffi, executive director of StoPanel Technology. “They are an innovative leader in the metal panel market, and adding Dri-Design to our program provides a unique metal panel alternative to our StoPanel line-up – one that offers a variety of aesthetic options while incorporating a ‘dry’ design and rain-screen technology. We are thrilled to partner with them, and to be able to jointly offer owners and architects the design flexibility they are looking for while using an alternative construction method to enclose the building that is high-quality, fast, economical, and safe.” 
According to Jason Zeeff, vice president of sales for Dri-Design, StoPanel is the ideal partner to bring Dri-Design into the world of unitized construction. “For many years we avoided pre-fabricated assemblies, due to the inconsistencies among contractors, making them difficult to trust,” said Zeeff. “But after meeting with Sto, and learning about their approach to the panelized market, we knew we had found a partner we could have confidence in.”  
Zeeff explains that StoPanel’s standardized system, which is manufactured by a network of exceptional affiliates, ensures a consistent level of excellence that their family company is happy to be associated with. “Sto is a world-class organization, starting with their leadership and permeating through the entire organization and its employees,” declared Zeeff. “We truly enjoy working with them and are excited about the future of StoPanel Dri-Design.“