The Occupational Health & Safety 2018 New Products of the Year have been announced, and Ironclad is proud to receive the award in the Hand Protection category for their Limitless Leather 360º Cut Impact Driver Glove (ULD-IMPC5).


This year’s contest attracted entries in 26 award categories, with an independent panel of highly qualified judges choosing the winners. 


“This was an outstanding showing by all of the entrants,” said OH&S Editor Jerry Laws. “Manufacturers in this industry are developing better products that are more comfortable and more protective for their customers' workers, as they compete in this fast-growing global market. The winning products will be featured in the December 2018 issue.”


“Leather is a desirable material to use for many applications including work gloves. However, current leather technology requires unfortunate tradeoffs – to achieve high durability you must sacrifice comfort and dexterity, and to achieve comfort and dexterity you pay a high premium. We set out several years ago to develop a new leather technology that would result in comfort, dexterity and high durability in one leather package, all at an affordable price,” says Eric Jaegar, biomedical engineer and General Manager at Ironclad. “Our new Limitless Leather achieved all of that, with a durability rating typically eight times greater than comparable work glove leather.”


The Limitless Leather Impact Driver Glove is exceptionally durable, comfortable and versatile, with key performance enhancements that maximize worker safety in nearly any environment: proprietary 360° cut resistance, patented, industry leading impact protection, and newly patented technology that increases visibility and hand safety awareness. The leather won’t dry or shrink when washed, while Kevlar stitching increases the lifespan of the glove, resulting in a long lasting, cost saving hand safety solution for almost any industrial jobsite.


Designed by Ironclad Performance Wear, the leader in task specific, performance work gloves. Ironclad – Born on the Jobsite.


Ironclad will be showcasing the winning glove at the National Safety Congress & Expo in Houston, October 22-24.


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