ClarkDietrich announced the addition of its new E-Flange Control Joint to their vinyl product line. The patent-pending E-Flange features a unique raised flange design that provides 80 percent more stucco embedment than standard “flat flange” profiles.


The larger triangular perforations in ClarkDietrich E-Flange allow more stucco mix to flow through the flange, providing more thorough and consistent embedment. In addition, the unique E-Flange shape allows for quick tying of lath and other accessories, making for easier installation. 


“We created the E-Flange Control Joint to enhance the installation process and to make for a better performing exterior wall system,” said Christopher Little, Sr. Product Manager, ClarkDietrich. “The optimized embedment capabilities and ease of tying lath to the accessory provide time-saving efficiencies that are not available with conventional flat flange designs.”


Specially designed connector clips are provided with the E-Flange Control Joint for easier alignment and a base for sealants. Factory fabricated joint intersections are also available in cross, tee and right-angle configurations to be used as needed.


The ClarkDietrich E-Flange Control Joint complies with all associated ASTM and code standards for exterior vinyl materials per ASTM D1784 and ASTM C-1063, Table 1. The product also meets the requirements for full embedment of the assembly per ASTM C1861 & C1063, and assist in accomplishing the ASTM provision for tying the control joint to the lath through its rib sections in the flange area.


A full line of E-Flange casing beads will be available in early 2019.


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